Caste System

A dragonborn can petition to join another caste, but it’s expensive (5,000 gp) and requires the written approval of magistrates of the respective castes. Usually it also involves passing some criteria and in some cases a recommendation letter. Each caste is described below:

Noble Caste

Dragonborn of the noble caste enjoy great privilege and prestige, and they are allowed to stay with their families and retain their family names. Dragonborn nobles live in luxury, leaving the day-to-day chores and business to others. A few ambitious nobles become politicians, magistrates, or viziers.

Clergy, "Divine Caste"

Dragonborn of the divine caste are taken from their homes at age 3, raised by priests in a temple chosen by their parents, and forbidden to keep their family names. The temples of Bahamut and Io are strongly favored, although the churches of Lendys and Tamara are growing in favor and popularity. Before becoming a cleric, a dragonborn must pass a test of devotion, as determined by the high priest of the temple.

List of Dragon deities

Knightly Orders, "Martial Caste"


Although dragonborn from any caste can join the Knightly Orders and thus enter the caste, most are born into the so called "Martial Caste". After training for several years in the barracks of the Knights Guild, the squires are then assigned to one of the many Orders within the Knights Guild.

Order of Valor

Initiates of the to the Order of Valor are subjected to basic martial training and many become soldiers of the kingdom. Order of Valor is the most varied in their training, having multiple schools dedicated to certain fighting styles.

Common classes:

  • Fighters
  • Rangers

Order of Knowledge

After several years of study and magical testing, the squires become apprentices to the Order of Knowledge and start practicing their arcane skills. The exact number of years depends on the ability of the individual, but the average period of study is twelve years.

Common classes:

  • Bards
  • Sorcerers
  • Wizards

Order of Justice

A special group even within the Knightly Orders, the Order of Justice comprises of Knights who swear to uphold justice in the name of the old dragon gods. The paladins of the Order of Justice are exemplar in their ways of upholding the laws nad virtues of the gods. The clerics often come from the Divine Caste, hoping to bring the will of the gods to the masses through the Order.

Common classes:

  • Paladins
  • Clerics

Order of Truth

The Order of Truth considers themselves as the keepers of peace within the borders of the City of Vasciza. They seek to uncover secret machinations and webs of corruption within the kingdom and get rid of the criminals of the city. This has led other Orders to wonder about the corruption within the Order of Truth, and they are often treated with suspicion.

Common classes:

  • Fighters
  • Rogues

Order of Wisdom

Seeking the answers from within themselves, the Order of Wisdom is the least organized of the orders. The monastic and druidic traditions of the Order have their own secretive ways and knowledge that are only known to the masters of the Order. The young Knights are often encouraged to travel and find their own view of the world.

Common classes:

  • Druids
  • Monks

 Merchant Caste

Young members of the merchant caste are assigned to master artisans and merchants as resident apprentices. After years of study and service, if they receive their master’s blessing, they are entitled to pursue their skill independently and take on apprentices of their own. A dragonborn of the merchant caste who fails her master may pursue another profession, but the investment of time is the same.

Commoner Caste

Commoners are not entitled to special training and cannot become soldiers, spellcasters, or merchants. Their options are usually limited to menial labor.

In rare occasions commoners who are extraordinarily talented can be uplifted to the Knightly Orders, but those cases are far and between and almost always are due to a more Knight recognizing the talented commoner and mentoring them into the Orders.

Caste System

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